We are trying to find small fab shops that make parts for Mirages, Colts, DSMs, CSM's , Mighty Max's, so we can sell them on here as well. I know the Mighty Max guys swap this engine in those trucks, so hopefully we can find someone to make parts  for these guys, that we can sell on here, and have readily available for purchase soon.  Hopefully we can get those that inspired me to make a cameo appearance on this site (Jafro, Tom). Their work,design and know how, is what inspired me to get off my ass and get wrenching!

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Keeping YOU informed is our #1 GOAL for this site.


I know there are forums, that discuss this sort of subject. But, not one that puts it in laymen's terms, so that novice mechanics can get this swap done, with in budget or full race if need be.


Eventually this site will grow and possibly one day, sell go fast goodies from little companies that need our support. Eventually.......

This page was created to help/aid in the swapping of a 4G63/4G63T engine. Most attempt this  very swap,and never finish because of lack of knowledge. This site will also sell T-shirts,Parts,Hoodies,Hats, etc to pay for this site's maintenance fees and to add more small fab shops to offer more speciality parts.

This site is to showcase, ways to accomplish the swapping procedure, and exactly what tools are needs to complete the job correctly. I will also feature, People/Cars that inspired this page's existence on the interwebs. 

We’re committed to bring you the best info available to get your 4G63 Swapped ride completed. I was heavily inspired by Jafromobile on Youtube, his channel is so inspirational that I myself will attempt the 4G63 Swap in my 94 Mirage ES Coupe. Give Jafro's channel a look. Another channel that inspired me heavily is Tom's Turbo Garage. His channel is also filled with fabwork and tons of cool rides.